Pubs & Clubs

PDA Building has successfully completed a number of hotels and clubs over the last 21 years. Working closely with clients and architects PDA Building is committed to creating unique and highly functional spaces. Past projects have transformed simple establishments into stunning and unforgettable destinations. 

From small refurbishments to large scale redevelopments PDA has experience working within a variety of budgets and time frames. Committed to working with the client to ensure that there is limited impact on patrons or business down-time during refurbishments, PDA Building is highly adaptable. 

The experience and ability of PDA Building is displayed within their extensive list of past projects of which some include:

  • Toronto RSL Club – Stage I
  • Toronto RSL Club – Stage II
  • Toronto RSL Club – Stage III
  • Toronto RSL Club – Stage IV
  • Toronto RSL Club – Alfresco Gaming
  • Club Macquarie – Stage I
  • Club Macquarie – Stage II
  • Club Macquarie – Stage III
  • Club Macquarie – Stage IV
  • Club Macquarie – Stage V
  • Club Macquarie – Stage VI
  • Mayfield Sport & Rec. Club – Stage I
  • Mayfield Sport & Rec. Club – Stage II
  • Lemon Tree Passage Bowling Club
  • Wallsend RSL Club Ltd
  • Wallsend RSL Club – Kitchen and alfresco Gaming
  • Wallsend RSL Club – Car Park
  • Cardiff RSL Sub-branch and Memorial Club Stage I
  • Cardiff RSL Sub-branch and Memorial Club Stage II
  • Belmont 16ft Sailing Club – Refurbishment
  • Belmont 16ft Sailing Club Gaming Area Refurbishment

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