WHSEQ Policy


WHSEQ Policy

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

The primary objective of PDAbuilding is:

To provide quality building and construction services that provide real value to our clients and in the execution of these services apply all relevant standards and regulations.

This objective will be achieved by understanding our customer needs and expectations and by providing services that consistently meet those needs and expectations whilst complying with all statutory and regulatory requirements.

PDAbuilding is committed to providing a working environment that is safe and without risk to health to all employees, contractors and others through the effective implementation of this WHSEQ Policy.

Every person that carries out work for PDAbuilding is responsible for ensuring health, safety; environment and quality are managed in all aspects of our business. A critical part of the success of our business is the health and safety of everyone who works for and on behalf of PDAbuilding.

The success of our business is also reliant on our employees and contractors conducting their duties in an environmentally conscious manner.

We will:

Peter Petherbridge                                              Managing Director